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Name Willard Barth
Nickname Willard or Will
Town/City Edgewater
County Bergen
State New Jersey
E-mail 1 WillardBarth@7StageTurnaround.com
Background Founder of Hawkeye Entertainment, Coach and Corporate Facilitator for Anthony Robbins & Associates, Corporate Facilitator for Robbins Research International, Co-Founder of Results International (Seminar Company), Co-Founder of IEx2 Technologies (Software Development Company), Founder of Willard Barth Enterprises , Co-Founder of Partner In Results (Real Estate Investments), Founder of Data Pro Marketing (Software development and Internet Marketing), Co-Founder of CB Entertainment Group
Industry Background Human Behavior, Psychology, Team Building & Leadership, Sales Training, Real Estate Investing, Software Development, Music Production, Live Performances and Promotions
Hobbies Writing and performing music. History. Volunteering.
I Coach/Consult Because My life was dramatically impacted because of mentorship and coaching. I coach because I believe that I was given a tremendous gift from my mentors of both their time and their knowledge. I know the value of what they shared with me and there is a responsibility for me to pass that knowledge on.
Most Proud Of I am most proud of my beautiful daughter. I am also extremely proud of having over 21 years of Sobriety.
Favorite Quote Life begins at the end of your comfort zone - Neale Donald Walsch
Favorite Movies The Matrix, Cool Runnings, The Legend Of Billy Jack
What I am Reading Working Together by Michael Eisner, No Ordinary Moments by Dan Millman, The 7 Stages Of Small Business Success by Carl Gould
Comments I bring real world, real life experiences to business owners that allow them to take more control of their businesses and their lives. The alliances I have made on my own journey allow me to bring the right resources and the right people together at the right time.