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Name Eric Illowsky
Nickname Eric
Town/City Ossining
State New York
E-mail 1 EricIllowsky@7StageAdvisors.com
Background 25 years of corporate experience in business development, sales, marketing, finance, and analysis. Business degrees from Wharton and UCLA. Positions held: Business Development and Sales Consultant For Energy Conservation ("Green") Initiatives at Multichannel Insights and EVIA LLC; President, Development, Hollywood Media; President/General Manager, Baseline Research (Hollywood Media); Executive Vice President, Business Development, Hollywood.com (Hollywood Media); Principal, Cable Network Insights; Vice President of National Accounts, USA Network and Sci-Fi Channel (aka "Syfy"); Senior Vice President of Programming and Distribution, Sci-Fi Channel; Director, Marketing Development, Cox Communications; Manager of Program Analysis, The Disney Channel, Manager of Marketing Analysis and Planning, Times Mirror Cable TV; Direct Sales Representative and Asst. Sales Manager for Telemarketing and Direct Sales, American Television & Communications.
Industry Background While my background is in the media industry (cable TV, satellite TV, video-on-demand, interactive television, Internet, social media), in recent years I have been involved with energy conservation and sales and marketing of related products to commercial and municipal customers. This diverse exposure has helped me understand how the business skills and knowledge base I have developed over the years are applicable (read: exploitable) on behalf of any industry.
Hobbies Television. Raising my kids. Training the dog. The occasional dinner out with my wife. (Can you tell I'm a parent in full nest phase?)
I Coach/Consult Because My abilities are deployable to help make life better for business owners and their employees. It's very gratifying to see people making progress towards their goals, and being a contributing partner in that process is self-actualizing beyond large corporate involvements. With smaller businesses, I am able to operate as an in-house professional across a variety of functions as need may be.
Most Proud Of My kids, of course. In business, helping to found the Sci-Fi Channel (now "Syfy") - in 1990, nobody thought it would happen and I got a lot of strange looks.
Favorite Quote My grandfather's version of the Golden Rule: "Everyone is my friend."
Favorite Movies Casablanca, Star Wars.
What I am Reading Creative Strategy - A Guide For Innovation.
Comments For a BOE (Business Owner Entrepreneur), getting a coach/consultant is the one best and likely only way to have a confidant you can really bounce things off of, who can see things objectively, and can take you to a growth path beyond your day-to-day distractions.